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Selling Skills


Selling is an important professional skill.  The objectives of Consultative Selling are to treat the customer with respect, communicate openly, and avoid sales when not in the best interest of the customer.  It’s important because we want salespeople to be utilizing unconditionally constructive strategies which meet the objectives of the customers’ organization, as well as their own.


The Consultative Process
Barriers to Successful Selling
Unconditionally Constructive Strategies
Planning and Preparation
Interactive Skills with Skill Practice

The Consultative Process

In this unit, participants learn the difference between traditional sales tactics and a non-manipulative sales approach.  They study basic selling themes, explore four components of selling, and complete exercises to clearly understand what winning means.

Barriers to Successful Selling

This segment illustrates characteristics of a skilled salesperson, emphasizes generally acceptable ethical practices, identifies common buyer responses, and win-win strategies for overcoming common barriers.


Unconditionally Constructive Strategies

This unit emphasizes the interactive skills required to reach win-win results; including, Task vs. Relationship behavior, avoidance of pushing, being creative, and uncovering explicit customer needs.

Planning and Preparation

Participants learn the importance of planning and a process to identify relevant issues.  They will practice using a form that identifies five types of issues important to both parties.

Interactive Skills and Practice

In this section, participants learn a four-stage structure for the sales call. They then plan a job-relevant call and execute the skills learned in the workshop.


The workshop is designed to last two days.  It is recommended that the days be consecutive.  It is also recommended that the sales managers or someone designated by management attend a coaching course to assist the salespeople after training.

"The initiative has been considered a resounding success in no small measure due to outstanding facilitators.  Thanks again, Don."

Steven Gross
Pepsi-Cola Company