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Negotiating Skills


Negotiating is an important personal skill.  The objectives of Effective Negotiating are to mutually satisfy needs, to maximize the gains of both parties, and to minimize the losses of both parties.  It’s important because we want people to be utilizing unconditionally constructive strategies to win-win negotiating which meet objectives of the organization, department, and work team.


The Cooperative Process
Barriers to Successful Negotiating
Unconditionally Constructive Strategies
Planning and Preparation
Interactive Skills with Skill Practice

The Cooperative Process

In this unit, participants learn the difference between bartering and negotiating, study the basic negotiating themes, explore the four components of negotiating, and complete exercises to clearly understand what winning means in the context of negotiating.

Barriers to Successful Negotiating

This segment illustrates characteristics of a skilled negotiator, emphasizes generally acceptable ethical practices, identifies common opponent tactics and appropriate responses, and win-win strategies for overcoming common barriers.


Unconditionally Constructive Strategies

This unit emphasizes the interactive skills required to reach win-win results; including, Task vs. Relationship behavior, avoidance of taking a stand, being creative, and developing objective criteria.

Planning and Preparation

Participants learn the importance of planning and a process to identify relevant issues.  They will practice using a form that identifies five types of issues important to both parties.

Interactive Skills and Practice

In this section, participants learn a four stage structure for the negotiation. They then plan a job-relevant negotiation and execute the skills learned in the workshop.


The workshop is designed to last two days.  It is recommended that the days be consecutive.  It can also be taught in a high stress environment.  This would be particularly useful for audiences in positions that require negotiating under highly fatigued conditions.

Sample feedback from participants

"Brought real life experiences, allowed questions and provided appropriate feedback."

"Material relevant. Promoted class participation. Used real scenarios to demonstrate concepts."

"Instructor was excellent; very effective in teaching relevant material; very practical."

real world experience; knowledgeable."