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Ultimately, I want this blog to be about judgment.  I believe judgment is the most important dimension in life.  People will be considered successful or not, in a happy marriage or not, financially secure or not, healthy or not, balanced spiritually or not, socially accepted or not, and able to accomplish goals or not, based upon the choices they make.  Right now in our society, I see people making many wrong choices.  I am hopeful that by reading my blog they will be inspired to behave differently.  There are many reasons why people make poor decisions.  I intend to explore some of them and suggest alternative positive solutions.


There are no taboo subjects and it is quite possible that I will add to the list as this blog evolves.  I’m going to start with some of the things that concern me the most and for which I am willing to stand on my soapbox.  So the starting lineup is:

      1. Political Correctness – I think the biggest problem in the US today is political correctness.  People are so worried about not offending someone that they are making inappropriate, unethical, and immoral decisions in the name of political correctness.

      2. Steroids in Baseball – Is it OK to cheat?

      3. Parenting – How to get parents to “Parent?”

      4. Global Warming – A convenient lie?

      5. Education – What will happen if we don’t improve education?


My intention is to document a situation in which a person has demonstrated poor judgment, suggest the cause, provide at least one solution, and ask you to help change the situation by taking the appropriate action.  If you think you have a better solution, reply to the blog and state your case.

My Hope:

To provide alternatives to those who wish to stop the insanity.

Terms and Conditions:

I intend to publish this blog in book form.  The working title is “Who the Hell Changed the Rules and Where Was I When It Happened?”  So, if you respond, be advised you are giving me permission to use your reply in the book.  If you have an anecdote from your own experience, make sure it doesn’t include any slanderous statements.  It needs to be factual and must be verifiable.  It also needs to include an alternative positive behavior.  Any fool can complain.  It takes an element of creativity to come up with a better choice.  Let’s help people make better choices.

Please come back soon to our check progress.