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About The EnterTrainer

Donald E. Simonds masterfully leads groups and individuals to new heights of learning.  As an educator, Mr. Simonds transfers skills that help students increase collaboration and performance. He facilitates learning and action planning to ensure behavior change on the job.

Don specializes in Innovation Skills (in the context of Operational Improvement), Leadership Training, Meeting Leadership, Negotiating Skills, Customer Service Success, Performance Management, Selection Interviewing, Selling Skills, and Time Management. 

For over thirty years, Mr. Simonds has trained thousands of people across all industries.  He has accredited more than 1000 trainers, designed more than 50 different training sessions, and produced A/V materials in all media.  He has been a guest lecturer at UCLA, UC Irvine, Austin Community College, The University of Texas at Austin, The National Speakers Association, and ASTD.

Previously, Mr. Simonds was District Manager for Farmers Insurance, President of IDEAS, Inc., Manager of Regional Consulting for Development Dimensions International, Training Specialist for SOHIO Petroleum Company, and Fluor Engineers, and spent eight years in Personnel and Financial Planning with The Coca-Cola Company Foods Division.

Donald earned a M.Ed. in Adult Education and Human Resources Development Leadership from The University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Finance from Florida State University.  He has more than 50 units of continuing education credit; including nine Master Trainer certifications, seven trainer certifications, and ten certificates of completion from various courses.

Mr. Simonds’ awards and recognition include:


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- Toby Keith

Don Simonds